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Hey, what's going on? Neal here, guitar tricks channel with a fresh lesson and a fresh tip of the week. Let's say you're rocking out and all of a sudden you want to move and- -okay what happened? My cord came out of my guitar. It's a real simple trick, a lot of you might know it already. Wrapping the cord through the strap. If you've ever seen guitar players go like this, that's the reason why. Keeps you from yanking out your cord in the middle of a good rocking session.  How to play a guitar solo.

Our lesson is a comment made from a youtube subscriber „ShellBullet34“ on finger soloing techniques and I'm going to give you a really common one. A really common one that you can use over and over again. In fact I'm going to give you three that you can use, check it out. If you rest your hand on the, grap the guitar on the fifth fret, it will be a pentatonic A scale. Notice how naturaly your hand lays on the fret board, thats the most common soloing position right there and that's probably because it's such a natural position to be in.

So I'm going to show you three licks right now that you can rock out to and we'll start with the first one right here. Third finger, seventh fret, G string. Then the D to the E. Strike the B string, fifth fret, first finger. And then pull off, ring finger, third finger, from the seventh fret to the fifth fret on the G string. So here's a lick really slow. Here's the lick really fast.

Now also, here's your second lick right here in the same positon, you don't even have to move. Start out with the same note bending up from the D to the E. Strike the fifth fret B string first finger, and then pull off eighth fret with the pinky. Next thing for the bend up, slight pull off. Fast it sounds like this. And we can combine both of those licks together so it sounds like this.

I'll give you one more bonus lick right here, it's the old Chuck Barry lick. Bar the first two strings on the fifth fret, then bend the same note up again from D to the E. It's real common, it's been used all over the place. It sounds like this fast. Add them all together and you got something like this. Yeah, quick ones, three, same position, you don't even have to move. A good little starter kit for your rocking out lead playing there in the A scale.

So come on by, give us your user request lesson. You can find us at guitartricks.com/channel and we'll see you back here in a real short time.