#1 Rockabilly Guitar Lesson | Video

Play Rockabilly in 3 Minutes! - Easy Guitar Lesson

Hey, what's up? Neal Walter here for the guitar tricks with a new tip and lesson coming your way. Tip of the week, give a lesson to a beginner, somebody just under your playing skill and you'll learn a lot about your own playing. It's a really easy thing and it's something that I've learned teaching these lessons for you here on the Guitar Tricks channel. You have to break it down and really tell somebody else how to do it, then you really got to break it down in your brain and figure out what makes that thing work, whatever it is you're playing, whether it's a chord or a scale or whatever. So try it out and you too shall be enlightened.

On to our lesson of the week; three minutes to rockabilly heaven. That's right, what I'm going to do here is show you the key to the rockabilly sound. Let's assume that you already know bar chords and how to play with a swing feel. And the boogy-woogy feel would be this one that you're familiar with. What we're going got do is to apply that to a full E chord. And this one right here is called the six. We're going to play it here. And that's really-- the key to the rockabilly sound, is adding that note. And you can get it by putting your pinky down right here on the E chord, it's on the second fret on the B string. So I'm going to play a little rhythm and throw it in and you'll hear how it sounds. [guitar playing]

The cool thing is you can bounce between the E and B string in the same fret, and get a cool, little, melodic Rango in there like this. So now, if you're going to apply this to a bar chord, let's say you're playing the A bar chord then you would play it right here. It's ok to lift your pinky off because you'll have a nice seventh chord right there -- Back to the E -- Same with the B-- So it's that one little nug that pops out that rockabilly sound. Now here's another little tip, when you're trying to come up with little licks to use in rockabilly. When you're on the one chord, in this case it's the E, you can do the little licks down here. You can also do them one more fret up on the third fret, so you've got this-- or this-- That sound good on the one chord. Also you can do a combination of bending these two notes. We'll demonstrate the counting of the lick that I was playing in the intro so you can play along. It goes like this: one, two, three, four. One and two and three and four and one and two and three and four and one and two and three and four and one and two and three and four and one. So that's the rhythm, I'm using it for the other two chords as well. Here's another little tip, when you're up on the A you can do.

Go up to that seventh note-- And that'll match the seventh here. Do a little dancing around so you have these notes to play with as well. It's awesome, it's fun, it's really easy, it's right there underneath the bar chords. Give it a try. And it's a great way, even if you want to add some kind of rockabilly flavour to another style that you're doing. Throw in those notes and bam, people will recognize it right away.

That's it for this week's lesson. Remember, if you're not watching us on the guitartricks.com website you're only getting half of the free lessons that you can get every week. Head on over to guitartricks.com/channel and sign up there for our newsletter. We'll send you an extra free lesson every week and you can ask me questions directly and send me requests too. We're also on Facebook and Twitter and that's it for this week. I hope you enjoyed it, I'm going to rockabilly on out of here.