Jamplay Free Guitar Lessons | 2015

On this page I going to give a brief overview of Jamplay's guitar lessons online.  They are one of the best out there for online guitar training.  Use the menu above to navigate between the 10 free video training lessons.

  • Big list of training lessons (over 8,000 and growing every week) and really simple to follow instruction. The website is pretty well organized and the lessons are suitable for a even a complete newbie guitar beginner.
  • Ultra advanced training : Something you should take into account is they also have a big collection of really high end training. So, if you have been playing guitar for a bit and need that additional lift off to hit the next level, Jamplay is really superb for this.
    • Jamplay guitar lessons
  • Pretty cheap at $20 bucks/month. Also know you are obtaining privilege to over 50 instructors and tons of hours of video training, and if you want live lessons they have those too!
  • Training in all types and styles of guitar. Acoustic, electric, blues, jazz, bass...they really have all of it!
  • Conclusion- Jamplay is VERY high end, a good value and excellent for beginners all the way up to hard core guitarists. I am a member as well, so I can actually recommend this.