How To Sing Better For Guys And Girls

How To Sing Better Part 1

Singing Better Part 1


Hey friends, Aaron Anastasi here from Superior Singing Method and I’m in beautiful Vancouver. So we did the nine videos of The Psychology of Being a Singer and I had such a really, great overwhelming response of comments and everything like that. So I decided I’m going to do another nine videos and again, this is all part of a book that I’m writing called The Psychology of Being a Singer, Principles of Success for Artists and Entrepreneurs. WikiHowsing better

So, behind me you’ll see the coastal mountains and you’ll see the skyline there of Vancouver. So yes I’m in Vancouver, in Elizabeth Park and that’s what this first video is going to be. This video is called The Truth About You. Now what I want to talk about here primarily is the idea that we can create our own reality and I know, before you’re like, “Wait, what is this, this is like new age stuff, the secret kind of thing.” That’s not what I’m talking about at all. The basic idea here is, what we focus on and what we choose to remember and what we choose to rehearse tends to be how our being shows up, okay, and if this is confusing, just stay with me for a second and this will all make sense.

So for example, one of my mentors, his name is Dan Takini, author and coach. What he says is, “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood” and what he means by that is again this idea of what you focus on, the memories that you have, what you choose to remember, and what you rehearse over and over tends to be how you feel about this particular thing. So if I constantly rehearse and remember the bad things that happened in my childhood, then I’ll think, “Oh this is my childhood,” and that’ll affect my mood and my disposition and my way of being in a certain way, whereas if I think about all the good things that happened, and I rehearse those and tell those stories, my being is going to show up in a different way and I’m going to feel more excited about life and more hopeful and that kind of thing is going to produce a better attitude and a better way of being in order to create the success that I want as a singer and really in any in our life. but what we tend to do, just human beings in general, we tend to focus on the negative and a lot of this could have to do with just that inner critic that we have on our mind, our limiting thoughts of “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do this” or “I don’t know how” or whatever those things are, we tend to kind of go toward the negative just automatically.
So I want to give you one little – along with this principle, one little tip that you could do that could really help you out.

Now, on my phone, I’ve got – in my notes sections in my phone, I’ve got a thing called The Truth About You and this Truth About You is a list of things that – so let’s say it’s about singing particularly so a list of things that people have said about you and about your singing that are true that you could just look at and you can rehearse anytime you’re feeling like -- if you’re about to walk in to an audition or about to get on stage or whatever it is, you can rehearse the things that are true about you that other people have said. Like for instance, mine has a lot of things for acting so when I step into – before I step into an audition, I read the ten things that people have said about me, people that I respect: directors and other artists and whatever, so I can walk in and know that, “Oh these things are also true about me.” I’ve got this inner critic that wants to think of just all the negative things but what are the things that are true about me that’s going to change my way of being. So it’s going to change my reality in that moment if I focus on that or choose to remember that or choose to rehearse those things, it’s going to change the way that I kind of come across.


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Because what you focus on grows, so the more you focus on the things that are true about you that are positive, that other people have said or I have another one called Big Wins, things that I’ve done, things that I’ve accomplished that are just true and I just rehearse those things, “Oh yes, I did this as an actor,” “I did this as a singer” “I did this as an artist or an entrepreneur.” When I remember those things, “Oh yes, that’s actually quite a big accomplishment. I could be happy about that. I could be proud about that.” Now, focus on that and rehearse that. It changes my confidence and my way of being and so as I how to sing better for girlsstep in to that new situation, on stage or rehearsal or that audition or whatever it is, I come with a different state of being and so I get different results in my life.


So I would encourage you to begin getting a list and writing down these things that are true about you. So remember, believe in your bigness, there’s more in you than you realize and if you click the link below, I’ve got a bunch of free tips singing there and you can do the same thing if you click here and of course, you can go to Superior Singing if you want to find more tips on how to sing and all that kind of stuff there.

So look out for more of these videos, this will be one of three. I’m going to take them in a bunch of different places here in Vancouver and as you can hear those – I believe there’s people around so there’ll be different noises of the environment and other tourists and that’s no problem. Hopefully, you can still hear me fine and I look forward to seeing you in the second video.

Video 2

Part 2


Hi. Welcome back. This is Aaron with Superior Singing Method. And I’m still here in Vancouver. In fact, right now I’m in the Grandville Island in the public market area and want to do a video, I’m calling Choose. This is a video to help you get out of any stuck place where you’re at and get you moving forward toward the dream that you ultimately have. And I’m guessing it has something to do with singing.

So Choose, the reason I call it that is because I meet so many people like my clients, whether it’s my coaching clients or the clients I’m coaching towards singing, that they’re in a place that they’re terrified, they’re petrified to make a wrong choice. They’re not making any choice at all. They’re just in this stuck place of not making any choice at all because they don’t want to make that kind of “wrong choice”. And that irony of being stuck in a place of indecision and not wanting to make the wrong choice is that indecision is nearly always the wrong choice. And by wrong I don’t mean wrong an in like, right and wrong. Just wrong in it as much as it serves your vision or detracts from your vision of what that is that you want in your life. That indecision is the worst of all available options.

But when we choose, it’s like a car, when you’re driving in car you can course-correct if you’re going in the wrong directions or something. There’s a detour, you can always course-correct to get to where you’re going. But if you if you’re sitting inside that car and then not starting that car up, you can’t course-correct, you’re not going to get anywhere. It’s when we make a decision is when we start moving forward and then we get more of the information we need in order to know what the next step is or what we really want or where we’re going and how to get to sing better for guys

I say it like this that, the information that we’re waiting for in order to make that decision is on the other side of that decision. So by not making a decision, not choosing to move forward, we’re actually refusing to do the very thing that is going to move us forward toward that goal, toward that dream, of being a singer or in the endeavor that you’re involved with. And I know there’s so much going on right there. We’re in this kind of crisis of too many options.

And so my thing is good is the enemy of the great. And so there’s certain things that we really want to do that we really love to do but there are all these other options, “This would be good.” “This will be good.” “This will be good.” But when we live a life that says that good is the enemy of the great, it’s not like bad things that come in are the enemy of the that great thing that we really want to be that singer that whatever it is, American Idol or The Voice or you want to sing. Whatever your dream is, that’s that great vision that vision that you have. But there’s all these other good things, “But I want to do this.” “But I want to do this.” “But I want to do this and I can’t really choose.” For me it’s like something like it’s either like a, “Hell yes, I want to do that thing.” or it’s a, “No.” and that’s how I begin to weed out all the good things that aren’t serving that one great thing that I’m really wanting to do.

So my thought and my advice is that, wherever you’re at just make a decision and move forward. And know that you can always renegotiate commitments you can always course-correct. But until you make a decision, you’ll just stay stuck there. I mean I was there for a long time. As many of you know that I love singing and I love teaching how to sing and all that but I also love acting. And for a long time I stayed stuck around, “Should I do that but what if I’m not good enough?” and “What if I never make it?” “What if this?” And for years and years I stayed kind of stuck in the indecision. But once I decided, “You know what, I’m going to go after this and start doing it.” Things started really opening up and the course became a little more obvious and I can course-correct along the way.learn to sing

So choose whatever it is. It maybe your parents don’t want you to do it or your girlfriend doesn’t want you to sing, or your friends are like, “You shouldn’t do this.” Whatever it is, I would say this is your life, if you want this thing it’s time to just choose and start moving forward in that direction and get yourself out of that stuck place. So choose.

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If you want to choose to click the link below and you can get my number one favorite vocal exercise and you can find the Superior Singing Method and all kinds of other resources. This is, like I said, this is the psychology of being a singer that this is a lot of the content that I’m putting in the book that I’m writing right now. But of course, I’ve got all kinds of vocal exercises and all kinds of practical stuff like that as a singer, if you again click the link below or click here. And remember believe in your bigness, there’s more in you than you realize. There really is. Have a great day and we’ll see you next time

Video 3

Part 3


All right. Welcome back. I'm still here in Vancouver. My name is Aaron Anastasi from Superior Singing Method. And I'm standing here in Stanley Park next to the seawall. And on the background there is what I believe is called Siwash Rock. It's kind of a famous rock. I've asked a bunch of the Canadians here how to pronounce it. They don't know, so I'm jut going to go with Siwash.

Anyway, the name of this video here is That's Just Who I Am. I want to talk about That’s Just Who I Am, because I hear that a lot. I hear that from my coaching clients. And I hear that from my singing clients. And they say things like this, "Well, I'm shy," or "I don't want to be pushy," or "I can't sing in front of others". This kind of thought of like as if there's some certain way that they are, that they couldn't change who they are. So they’re just like, "Well, I would be a better singer, but I don't want to be pushy and ask this person for help. Or I don't wan't to be pushy and try to get into this club or this bar, this coffee shop, or whatever is the next step. Well that's not really my personality, that's just not who I am."people learning to sing for the better

And I just want to say that who you are, is not who you are. Let me paraphrase that. Who you are is just who you've created. What kind of habits that you’ve established in your life up until this point. And you have the opportunity just like I do, just like anybody else has the opportunity to choose who they are in any given moment. Who they want to be in any given moment. So to say like, "I can't sing in front of others". All that really means is just I haven't chosen to sing in front of others just yet. Or "I'm shy," that just means that this is kind of a chosen path that you've had so far when you have the possibility to choose something else.

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So I'm really into this personality test. Personality tests like Strengths Finder, Myers Briggs and there's one called the Enneagram. I love that kind of stuff, because it gives us an idea what kind of path we've carved out ourselves. Like what habitual path we've decided for ourselves and this becomes our personality. What we say our personality is. And I like that because it's really beneficial to see what habits have we created in our life, so far. And how can we maximize that in order to be the most useful and get to our goals the most quickly.

That's great but when we start using our personality like, "Oh this is my fixed personality. There's nothing I can do about it,” as a way to victimize our self and keep us stuck somewhere, then that's when it becomes a problem. That's when it's really a lie to say, “Oh, this is my personality and I can never really change that.” Because we're constantly renewing our self. Every day, we're renewing our self. We can either renew old habits or we could form new habits that are going to be more resourceful towards reaching the vision that we have in our life. To be a singer or to be an entrepreneur, to be a coach, or anything that it is we want to be.

And one way to illustrate this to me is like, okay let's say you say, "Oh. It's my personality that I'm just really super disorganized. This is the way I've alwys been. That's the way I'll always be". But then if I was like, "Okay. I'm going to have a camera crew follow you around for an entire month. And if you can keep your desk and your car and your house organized, totally organized for that entire month, I'll give you a million dollars cash, tax free." Do you think you'd be able to be organized for that month? One hundred percent, because a million dollars will be on the line. And that's a simple point that illustrates that we could be what we want to be. It's just differerent motivation or cranking up the want of what it is that we want to be. So what we can do is we can create a new habit that will eventually feel natural.
So if you did that for a couple of months, it could feel natural for you to be an organized person. You'd start saying, "Well, actually, I'm just a pretty organized person," and we can all do this. Actors do this all the time.young girl singing better

They choose, I want to be this character and they'd be that character for a while. It doesn't mean you'd have be that way every second for every day. But under certain circumstances it could be more resourceful and say, “I want to be the type of person that's not afraid to sing in front of people.” I'm going to choose to be that person. I'm going to choose to be -- instead of saying "Oh, I don't want to be pushy", "I'm just going to ask for what I want, because that's going to be most resourceful towards getting the vision that I want and accomplishing this goal of being a professional singer.


So, anyway, that's all I've got for you. I'm calling this one That's Just Who I am . It's not just who you are. It's not just who I am. We can choose who we want to be at any given moment. Also, if you want to be a great singer, I've got my number one vocal exercise down here. It's the one that I still use every single day. It's a great one . It's free. You can check it out or you can click here. I've got a bunch of resources for you. Superior Singing Method and all my bundle of all the singing stuff you can go find it there. And remember, believe in your bigness, there's more in you than you realize. So go out there and make a big impact in the world. You can do it.