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You might have heard a number of different types of good songs in your life until now which may include rap songs, love songs, rock songs and songs on guitar but how to write song lyrics will remain a great puzzle for you unless you know how to write a song. The tune created by you can be the best in the world but if the lyrics used with it are not good then all of your efforts for creating a good song can be spoiled.

Whether you are new who is learning how to write lyrics or an experienced lyricist writing lyrics to sing them on guitar, the main thing that can help in making a good song is the words you use should be unique and powerful. Whether you are writing for a rock song, rap song or love song it should be meaningful. Though it can be challenging to write unique words for any kind but it can be made possible if you create it from the core of your heart. In fact, there is no magic which can teach you how to write a song as it is an in-born skill which can be crafted through various techniques to make you a good and perfect lyricist. Take some online singing lessons.

In order to a unique lyrics writer one has to be unique by nature so that you can not only think in a unique manner but also write and sing to make it a popular of any type. Most of the writers who sing the songs written by them are considered to be the best in their career field. These lyricists are also known as singer-songwriters as they not only know how to write song lyrics but also compose music for them and provide exposure to their creations by performing at different occasions.

These singer-songwriters are considered to be better performers as compared to the contemporary pop singers who perform on the songs written by others. The singer-song writers are better because they compose the songs written by them on a single track either on piano or on guitar which make better effect on the listeners of all genres including sensitive, introspective, confessional and romantic. Usually written and sung by singer-songwriters are entertaining than others.  About singing lessons online, so there is great connectivity between the lyrics writers who can sing their songs and their listeners.

So the term singer-songwriters is used to define the musical artists who know how to write song lyrics and compose their tunes by using solo musical instruments like piano or on guitar. Such lyrics writers are normally all-in-one as they not only write the lyrics of their song of any type but also play the role of composer, instrumentalist, vocalist and performer. Though the lyrics created by singer-songwriters are their personal but as soon as they have been unveiled publicly they become public property and are used by a number of people in various manners. Some of them perform on these songs whereas others record these in their own voice.

This term is used by a number of song writers and performers all over the world, since many centuries, who have also composed them for entertaining people. Aristide Bruant, Henry Russell, Buddy Holly and Hank Williams etc. are some of the singer-lyrics writers who were popular in 19th and 20th centuries. But from 1960s it was used specifically for the typical performers who followed particular styles and conventions in their lyrics and compositions like writing confessional and inspirational etc.

Though it is not easy to learn singing lessons online and how to write lyrics and sing them but there are certain online programs like Singorama etc. which can help you in taking benefit of both the skills to make your career in this field. There are a number of online singing programs which can enable you how to write a lyric of any style but Singorama created by Emily Mander is considered to be the best among them. Brief information about Singorama is provided here under to understand the concept provided in it more precisely.

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Introduction to Singorama

Emily Mander developed a detailed vocal singing program, Singorama, that not only teaches you how to write song lyrics and sing them but also improve the range of pitch and tone of your vocal sound. He included the Jayde Musica application, 28 crore audio lessons, an e-book for developing advanced singing techniques and the Singorama Digital Metronome application along with another eBook known as Last Newbies Direct to Interpretation Music in this program. Singorama Little Footage Studio and the Perfect your Pitch Seasoned are some of the other applications included in this program. You can also use the software of mini recording studio provided with it to record your lyrics in your own voice.

Four bonuses are also offered with Singorama along with these lessons which may include vocal warm-up lessons to prepare your voice for powerful singing as first bonus and exercises that can strengthen your vocal cords and learning to focus on sounds as well as access the right notes. The third bonus emphasizes on extending your vocal range through the tests specially designed to stretch your vocal cords. The lessons provided as bonus four focus on providing the advantage over other aspiring singers through Soflege system so that you can learn easily.

Benefits of Singorama

Singorama can be beneficial for new singer-songwriters as:

· The exercises provided with it will help in expanding your vocal range

· It can be followed easily to learn singing in harmony with Vibrato

· You can learn singing even if you are new in this field

· By following instructions provided in it you can sing a song without any theoretical knowledge in this regard.

· Original tracks of Singorama can be used to record your own

Thus you can learn how to write song lyrics and sing any kind of good song by using various types of programs available online like Singorama.

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