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A comprehensive review on the Superior Singing Method program

Almost everyone loves to sing though most of them don’t have the skill to sing well. If you’re craving to improve your singing ability and have been looking for the most effective vocal training program on the internet, there is no doubt in my mind that you’ve heard and seen of Superior Singing Method (SSM) created by Aaron Anastasi.

Yes, there are plenty of vocal training programs out there; however, there is no question that this program is the best known. That’s why you might have the question in your mind that why this is so popular and does the product really work? Is it really as good as personal training or better than any other courses that are available online?

As there’s been a huge amount of buzz because of the high claims about the program and also being a member of this program, I’ve decided to write a review about the effectiveness of the course, what the product or program includes, what are the pros and cons and some comparison over some of the online vocal courses you have already researched or personal lessons that you’ve might taken.Superior Singing Method

I believe you deserve to know every important fact before making your mind up to invest in something, especially, if it relates with fulfilling your dream. That’s why, in this review I will try to give you as much idea as possible about the course so that it becomes easier to you to make a decision whether it is worth every single cent you pay or not.

What is Superior Singing Method?

It is a multimedia home training method that is developed by world-renowned vocal coach Aaron Anastasi to teach people how to train voice and sing better. A few years before launching the course, Aaron used to train singers on a one-on-one training method but wasn’t satisfied helping singers in that way and was looking for an alternative way to assist more people and that’s where the idea of making a top-quality online training course was born. Since then Aaron pushed to generate the most professional and highest quality singing training course that is easily available to anyone who has internet access.

This program is divided into 8 core topics (modules) that cover all major areas of one’s voice, coming with more than fifty videos of the lesson, thirty one audios of active vocal exercise and daily vocal practice routines that explain the steps to perk up the sounding of his/her voice. With its concise format and easy to read structure, this program serves the needs of anyone. It’s not simply a beginner’s program of singing lessons, or a method for intermediates to learn how to sing better. In fact, it is a comprehensive voice coaching program that leads the beginner on to intermediate levels then on to professional concert levels of singing.

Key advantages of the SSM voice program

  • Better control of vocal: This method will teach you how to improve your voice quickly and get control and freedom with your voice within a very short time. After learning the techniques there will be no more vocal breaks, cracks and shakiness.
  • Improve vocal tone: You will discover a variety of tips and techniques to not only make out your individual tone but also how to get the best tone out of your voice.
  • Develop more precise pitch: Through this program, you can improve the vocal muscles that are responsible to have poor pitch. The particular vocal exercises in this method will step up every essential muscle in your voice for a quick vocal development. You will also find out the techniques and tricks to perk up your pitch promptly even though you are at the very high end of your vocal to sing better for girls
  • Enhance Vocal Power: With easy tips and techniques, this method will make you able to sing with more control and confidence. The dynamic vocal exercises of this program are designed to aid you to improve your tone and toughen your voice muscles.
  • Boost your vocal range: Like majority of the singers, you may wish to enhance your vocal range so that you can sing the higher notes freely and easily. This program covers a whole section to boost up your vocal range with advance plyometric vocal exercise which will make you able to sing higher notes without damaging your voice.
  • Increase your mix voice: At the time of singing if you want to stabilize the transitions in your voice and wish to sing higher notes with less strain, better vocal tone and with more power, it is necessary to develop your mix voice. With SSM you’ll get exclusively useful vocal exercises that will increase your mix voice and make you able to have a mixed and smooth voice that will help you to sing constantly across your full vocal range with better tone and pitch.
  • More accuracy in vocal agility: One of the most significant difference between great singers and good singers is in the ability to bounce from note to note while singing. With this program, you can develop accuracy in your vocal agility that makes you able to sing with ease and stay on pitch without any hesitation.
  • Knowledge of Advanced singing techniques: Though this program is outstanding for beginners; however, it is designed in such a way that can take your voice to a new level and get you much closer to your dream of becoming an expert or professional singer. With advanced exercises in the advanced module of this course, you can improve your pitch and increase your range even more which will give you the ultimate control of your voice to become a top-quality singer; however, you need to keep in mind that it takes time and hard work to move from beginner to intermediate level on to professional level.
  • Well organized structure: I was personally satisfied finding that this singing course had a very convincing structure which presented lessons and information in a step-by-step, gradually involving manner. I got this very handy, in spite of my past experience when I took up singing lessons, as this program included some additional information that I haven’t learned from my teachers.
  • Bonus modules: With this course, you will get two free modules that focus on your performing skill and marketing your music. Each of these bonus modules is wonderful and vital building block to stand out singing as a career if you wish to pursue it.
  • Appropriate for all levels: All singing lessons of this method are apposite for beginner kids and adults, intermediate and even for professional levels of singers.
  • Categorized exercises: It’s not only one set of exercises that goes with all; males and females have their own sets of singing exercises.
  • Option to join in Vocal coaching club: After completing the main SSM course, you can take your singing skill to another level through joining in the monthly SSM Vocal Coaching Club and learning new singing techniques which is another exclusive feature of this program that you can’t get in any other online singing course.
  • Instant online access: There is no need to wait for DVD’s to be shipped to your address; once the payment is made you’ll get an instant download link and have full and immediate access to all your lessons inside your member’s area.learn to sing with superior singing method review
  • All time practice facility: You can practice from anywhere in the world whenever you want. You can use your laptop/desktop, tablet or smart phone to get access your singing lessons. So, you can read it virtually from anywhere – in the park, at work, in the bus or anywhere you wish.
  • Only one time payment: you need to pay only once for the main course to get the lifetime access.
  • Multiple payment option: There are several payment option to buy the product.
  • Direct feedback option from Aaron: Each month you can have the chance to get feedback on your vocal improvement directly from Aaron via the vocal coaching club.

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Disadvantages of SSM

As every coin has two sides, similarly this method also has some disadvantages. And these are:

  • There is a huge amount of content so it is almost impossible to you to go through the whole course within a day or two. It’s quite comprehensive means you need to go through all of it and you need to be patient. Though I believe you also know that a dream doesn’t come true through magic; it takes sweat, hard work and determination.
  • Although the course is very organized and easy to read but sometimes some of the material might become knotty to understand.
  • It is not free.
  • Some of you might get another aspect quite inconvenient and that is lack of a real life teacher as with a teacher you can ask him/her a question instantly and repeatedly if you are not clear about an issue.

A comparison: Personal singing lesson vs. SSM

When it comes to ease of use, undoubtedly SSM has the edge over personal singing lessons, as Aaron makes all the concepts very clear from the basic to advance with a very systematic way. From my own experience, I can say anyone can understand his method and exercises quite easily.

I was also amazed to see how his techniques improved my vocal power hugely within a very short time. The 50-80-20 rule was really an eye opener to me and there is no doubt that if you follow this properly it will definitely help you getting the most out of your to sing better

The HD videos are very clear and make it very easy to go along with the instructions. Moreover, I found the videos quite handy as I can play these back and forth and can go over the lessons again and again and can study at my own pace.

For many, one of the main problems of working with singing instructor is the embarrassment issue when they come to sing in front of someone. That’s why, I think one of the key benefits of this method is you can learn at your own pace and also in private.

Another major fact is the cost. While SSM starts at just $97, a one-hour personal singing lesson would cost you at least $20. I even know some vocal coaches charge $200 a week. So, personal singing lessons are not only costly, but, I know a number of vocal coaches don’t really go beyond the basics.

However, I’m not saying that personal singing lessons are bad, but the fact is Aaron’s Method can teach you the thing at less cost. So, there is no point to go for a vocal teacher when you have better option with minimum cost. Isn’t it?

Finally, I can say Aaron’s methods are not only effective but also ingenious. In short, if you wish to learn how to sing better at your own pace and without paying a large amount of money, I recommend the SSM.


Another comparison: SSM vs. Singorama

In terms of methods that improve your singing skill, the two most common choices are Singorama and the SSM. As there are plenty of claims are being made for both methods, I’ve decided to make a comparison of features between the two and here is what I found out.singing better

In terms of advantages, apart from presenting step by step instructions for developing your vocal pitch and tone, through Aaron’s method, you will also learn suitable warm up exercises for your vocals which is truly vital to improve your singing skill. Other advantages of this method are breath management, learning to sing high notes, enhancing vocal agility and more.

On the other hand, the advantages of Singorama are not as wide-ranging as SSM since it focuses mainly on improving your pitch means you have to have basic singing skills to get benefit from Singorama. Though it doesn’t mean that Singorama does not work; it works and its metronome software is truly excellent; however, the overall system and the way of instructions are structured in such a way that only those who have prior knowledge of singing fundamentals can get the benefit from it.

And regarding the cost, in terms of features alone, SSM offers more value than money in comparison with Singorama. SSM is priced at $97, whereas, Singorama costs $99.

I have also read other reviews on several websites and blogs. And most of those reviews also point out that people prefer the Aaron’s method over Singorama by saying almost the similar thing that SSM is more organized and more useful, whereas, Singorama doesn’t offer enough features to validate its price.

After studying and reviewing both methods comprehensively, it’s clear that the SSM is the better choice. Because it’s more systematic, offers more options and is designed not only for those who are just starting out but also helpful for advanced singers. Moreover, many other reviews also reveal that it’s much more detailed and effective than any other singing program out there.

Conclusion...Why this singing method is superior

After trying with the course, I perceived a remarkable amount of improvement in my singing ability. I really loved it. Most of the people have doubt about buying product online (me too); but I have found that this product is not a scam in any way. And the course has been bought   by tens of thousands around the world and it truly does an amazing job in developing the skill of singing.

Long story short, if you’re really looking for a way to perk up your singing skill, I highly suggest trying with this productIt worked for me and it will definitely work for you too. This concludes my review of superior singing method.

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